Tory Lanez Responds To Yung Bleu: Can We Talk On The Phone Like Men?

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After being dragged by Yung Bleu for taking down a remix to his song, Tory Lanez hopped online to defend himself:

"@_YungBleu ... crazy thing is ... I love your music and your song , that's why I remixed it .. your an incredible artist .. and I've been listening to yu since "Unappreciated".. but if you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media .Love bro," he tweeted.

He responded to Bleu's post where he called Lanez out for being on "some hoe sh*t."

"Remixes cool but show love ! Y'all n*ggas weird ! @torylanez I reached out to u on some let's work sh*t. U never responded that's cool ! Never gone get mad at that ! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young n*gga tryna come up. U rap n*ggas be on some hoe sh*t. Ain't no more biting my tongue with you n*ggas ! If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a n*gga coming up In the same lane. Show love ! N*ggas be acting scary ima come direct ain fenna subtweet sh*t."