Tori Lanez says he thinks that rap is in a "horrible place" during a recent interview.

Lanez is currently on a promo tour for his new project, Chixtape 5, he visited Ebro In The Morning, where he weighed in on the state of the genre.

"You gotta look at rap right now," Tory said to the morning show hosts Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. "Rap is in a horrible place."

He continued:

"I just feel like rap has gotten to a repetitive place. There's this one sound right now that sounds like it's out of an automated box and it's just like, let's just go on it, put a bunch of Auto-Tune on it, hood n*gga beat, hood n*gga song—it's good to go... When everybody starts to sound the same, and all of our music starts to [sound the same.] And I keep hearing the same drum, the same kick, and the same snare, and the same hi-hats and the same patterns, it gets to a point where I start saying, 'Yo, this sh*t's in a bad place right now.'"

Peep the interview below:

His words echo a similar sentiment from Dr. Dre, who, during an interview last week, claimed that rap is now about "quantity over quality."

Are they right?