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Tory Lanez clears up what happened the night he was placed in cuffs outside a club in Miami over the weekend.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Lanez explained that he was not involved in the brawl, the perpetrators were fighting on and around his car during the incident.

"I came out the f*ckin' place. Bunch of n*ggas start f*ckin' fightin' around my car and sh*t... I'm in the f*ckin' car and all of a sudden, n*ggas bangin' on my f*ckin doors."

He was then forced to hop out of his vehicle.

"I get out my car and these n*ggas -- no disregard, n*ggas fighting on my sht... I open the door, and I guess somebody see the thing so some n*gga go, 'Yo, he got a gun in the f*ckin' car.'"

The police officer cuffed Tory and had him on the ground before he was able to explain his side of the story.

So he was not arrested.