Tory Lanez hit social media to clarify recent remarks he made about possibly working with the rainbow-haired rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine when he is released early from jail, after snitching on his crew.

When asked during an interview whether he would work with him in the future, he did not entirely shut down the idea, even saying, "I kinda miss the guy."

Lanez hit social media, attacking the blogs:

"Let's get one thing clear," Lanez wrote via his Instagram. "I do not condone any form of telling, snitching, or anything of that sort. When I spoke about 6ix9ine it was four-five days ago (before him taking the stand)... I have real family that did real time becuz [sic] of this and I don't play about that at all. How ever [sic] I will say like I said, when he was out he was funny guy and a entertainer, and what seemed to be a genuine dude. And that side of him is the side of him I remember."

He continued, "One thing Y'all not gone do tho, is make it seem like I condone any talking on a stand or any kind of snitch shit." In the caption next to the screenshot, he added, "Showing LOVE to somebody who you made records with is VERY different than CONDONING SOMEONES ACTIONS."