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Tory Lanez Caught Partying W/ Future's Baby Mama - Eliza Reign!!

Future's baby mama Eliza Reign was captured on video partying with Tory Lanez this week. 

In the clip, Eliza is seen in the rapper's home. -- which he appeared to turn into a nightclub -- and Eliza can be seen grinding on another woman while Lanez cheers them on from the sidelines.

Back In December, a friend of Eliza's went on Instagram Live to claim that Eliza and Lanez were sleeping together.

According to the friend, Eliza purposely got pregnant - even though she and Future were only in a casual relationship. The friend explained, "[Eliza] and Future weren't in a relationship, he just called her when he was in town to smash."

She continued, "When Future and her started having sex without a condom, [Eliza] took fertility pills."

The friend then went on to claim that Lanez could have potentially been the father of her child -- but a DNA test cleared up the confusion more recently. The video has since been pulled from Youtube.

Eliza denied the claims.

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