Toronto Police 'Throw' Black Woman Out 24 Story Window!! (Graphic Vid)

Another possible case of police murder, this time in Toronto

Another horrible case of possible murder by police of an unarmed Black person is going viral. MTO News has learned that the family of a 29 year old Black woman is claiming that Toronto police threw her off a 24 story balcony, to her death.


Here are the facts. 

Toronto police were called to the apartment for a "domestic incident."

While officers were inside a unit on the 24th floor, they claim they “observed” a woman on the balcony.

“A short time later, the woman fell from the balcony to the ground below,” police told MTO News. The police report does not specify how she "fell" out of the window.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and officers initially reported the incident as a suicide. But members of the deceased's family claim otherwise.

The woman's mother and cousin are claiming that police burst into their home, and "threw" the woman off the balcony. And then police allegedly left her body outside - in the heat - for hours as they concocted their story.

MTO News reached out to the Toronto police, and they told us that the incident is being investigated by the city's Special Investigations Unit, a police watchdog group.

Here is video showing the woman's body, and her cousin explaining what he believes happened: