Top Florida Rapper SpotEmGottem Accused Of Snitching: Paperwork Leaks!!


SpotEmGottem is one of the hottest young rappers in the world - and his new song Beatbox 2, is the hottest song of 2021 so far.


But MTO News has learned that some people who know the Florida rapper - are calling him a "snitch." They're also providing paperwork that they claim will show that the 18 year old Jacksonville rapper may have provided evidence to the police about his friend.

The "snitch" allegations stem from a 2018 arrest where SpotEmGottem and one of his homies were arrested for guns and weed. Police burst into a home where SpotEmGottem and his homie were staying and found guns, weed, and pills.

In the police report officers say that they spoke with SpotEmGottem - and he allegedly told then that the guns and drugs were his friends'. The cops say that he tried to put the full blame on his homie.



The same people provided a video - showing the arrest report on the police database, which authenticates that the report is real. Look:

Spotemgottem is a talented 18 year old rapper from Jacksonville Florida. Growing up in the tough streets of Duval he experienced a lot of hardships which you can hear in his music. 

Spotem is also one of the fastest rising viral artist with a growing fan base that truly supports him. His new song “Beat Box” is taking off in the streets, and on TikTok.