This wekend rapper 21 Savage was arrested and deported by ICE, for being an illegal immigrant.

Well, he's not the only one. MTO News just got word that a TOP female rapper also has a complicated immigration status.

We spoke with a person at the rapper's record label who spilled the beans. We're not trying to SNITCH on anyone, so we'll leave this report as a blind item for now.

The record label executive told MTO News, "[female rapper] came to this country as a child. She never went through the proper paperwork to become a citizen. Technically she's a 'dreamer' but in this environment she could get deported."

And the record label executive told MTO News that they are worried that she will be deported. The executive explained, "We're actually worried that [female rapper] could be deported."

Donald Trump has instructed ICE to deport anyone who doesn't have their citizenship papers in order. Last year Trump deported more than 100,000 people - the vast majority of  whom were hard working non-violent immigrants who overstayed their visas.