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Top British Rapper 16shotz Killed; Rival Rapper Brags About Killing Him On Snap! (Video)

On Thursday a popular British rapper named 16shotz was murdered outside of London, and MTO News has learned that British police suspect that rival rapper, Stickz, was the killer.

The two rappers were going back and forth with each other on diss tracks. But when they met up face to face, they allegedly had a knife fight, with one rapper stabbed in the face, and the other one dead.

The UK drill rap scene is extremely violent - at least as violent as the Chicago drill rap scene in the United States.

Here's the background on the beef which MTO News was able to piece together from multiple social media reports. Last week, UK rapper Stickz released a song called “16 shots” where he took jabs at his rival. The rapper 16shotz immediately went on social media, and explained to his fans that he "felt violated." 

On Thursday, 16shotz reportedly went on a ride out and he caught up with Stickz. A fight ensued - which lead to Stickz being stabbed in the face. According to reports either Stickz, or a person associated with him, stabbed 16shotz 15 times. 

16shotz died as a result of the stabbing. Here's the video:

Now, look at Stickz's Snapchat just a few hours after the altercation. He posted a number of Snaps showing his injuries. He also posted a Snap asking fans to “Anyway go stream 16 shots” - in an effort to mock his recently slain rival.