Ashley Walters, one of the stars of British drama Top Boy has revealed why Drake did not make an appearance in the recent season - even though he executive-produced it.

"He's Drake, at the end of the day. He saw the show—I think it was via YouTube or whatever—and then it came out on Netflix and he was just a fan of the show, man," he explained about Drake's fondness for the show.

The first season of Top Boy aired in the UK six years ago. A second season was commissioned by Channel 4 - but they chose not to shoot for a third.

When Drake announced that he was bringing back the show and executive producing it, many assumed that he would be all over the show - but Drake did not appear. He was barely featured on the soundtrack, with just one offering from him, which was only a "bonus track."

Walters, who plays Dushane on the show, revealed that they did discuss a possible role for him.

"It's touch and go for you," he said he told Drake and added "He's such a good actor but will people let him shed that Drake skin? Is it right for the first thing for him to do going back into his acting career be Top Boy? Because people are gonna be waiting to kill him for it. Knowing how good he was and whatever, I just felt like—for him—it would have been best to wait for another time."

Drake was not involved in the first two seasons of the show.