50 Cent is busy collecting and posted a video in which he called longtime friend Tony Yayo and asked for Yayo to pay him back some coins - and Yayo offered to shoot somebody as payment for the debt!

“I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back,” 50 said.

 “Aww, man. Here we go. Come on, big homie. What you talkin’ about?” Yayo responded. Fif then tells Yayo that he's been giving him money for years and wants it back and Yayo then tells him that they're friends.

“I ain’t got no friends. I love you, boy, but you need to give me some of that money back,” he says. 

Yayo then says - “You want me to shoot somebody? Point the finger. I’ll pay you back like that.” 

50 posted the exchange to Instagram and Yayo commented, "You put this up you tripping homie" under the post.

Uh, oh!