Toni Braxton has enjoyed a lengthy career in the business and recently sat down to share her thoughts on the current R&B landscape.

Speaking to Variety, Braxton said:

"R&B is ageless, like rock and country — it doesn’t matter how old you are. With hip-hop it’s a little different: You don’t want to be 70 and using the F-word or singing [Rihanna’s] “B—h Better Have My Money,” although maybe some of them will. Of all the girls, Rihanna is probably my favorite — I don’t know if I can see her singing “B—h Better Have My Money” at 70 either, although she might do it especially for me,"

She also named a few other artists who she is a fan of:

"I love Drake. I love SZA. I think H.E.R. is super talented; she’s a real, real vocalist — I’m sorry, is it “H-E-R” or “her”? Is it a pronoun or a noun? [It’s pronounced “her.”] She’s classic but still young and modern. When my first record came out, that’s what they said about me — the topics were a little mature, but my style and approach was younger so that made it current. I think that’s what everyone loves about Adele: She’s young, but her music is classic and [the lyrics] make you think she’s older. "

Braxton made headlines earlier this year after reportedly splitting from her fiance, Birdman. Just a couple of weeks ago, she brought him on stage during one of her performances and sang to him. So all is well back in the Braxton/Birdman camp.