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Toni Braxton denied that she had broken up with Birdman after he posted a cryptic message "It's Over" on his Instagram page earlier this year.

Braxton appeared to also confirm the split after she deleted all of her images on the page and then referenced starting a "new chapter."

"We don't know what happened. It just kind of [came out of nowhere]. Someone said it and we were like, 'OK, we'll just ride with it because it'll give us some privacy. So that's good. But we're good," she told ET.

Traci Braxton also weighed in during the 'BFV' premiere:

 "Your guess is as good as mine. I want to be the little fly on the wall during their pillow talk so I can have all the tea because I am missing a whole lot of it. Don't get it twisted, for any of my sisters, if somebody step all over them and I don't like it, and they like it and they hurting really bad, believe me, I will step in. I am that protector sister to make sure that they are OK."

'Braxton Family Values' returns to WE tv on Apr. 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.