R&B singer Toni Braxton and her fiancé/common law husband Bryan "Birdman" Williams are expecting a child together, via surrogate.

According to one of Toni's friends, the 51 year old singer had some of her eggs frozen more than a decade ago. She recently had them defrosted, and fertilized using Birdman's sperm.

The friend explained, "It was Birdman's idea to have a baby. He was pressuring Toni, and finally she said yes."

Birdman all but announced their plans a month ago on Instagram - when he told fans that they were trying to bring a "little one" into the world.

Here's the post that Birdman released on Instagram about month ago. He quickly deleted it:

Birdman pulled a post-and-delete that read: “Y’all need to put some respeck on our f****** name. At the end of the day it’s me and my wife and y’all n***** need to respec that s*** we just trying to work on our family ya heard trying to bring a lil one into the world.”


The cryptic post has caused some to believe that not only are the two expecting, but they have also been secretly married.

Toni recently opened up about how close she and Birdman came to just eloping instead of planning an entire wedding ceremony. She told her sister, Tamar Braxton, on the latest episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’ that Birdman wanted to elope from the get-go.

Well, the baby is being carried by a surrogate. And it appears that Toni and Birdman are preparing to make the announcement - on reality TV.

The two will make the announcement next week on Braxton Family Values. Here's the preview: