Tommie From Love & Hip Hop 'Tricked' Teen Daughter Into Having Abortion!!


Tommie Lee took to Instagram to respond to her teenager daughter Samaria's claims that she tried to "trick" her into having an abortion.

Tommie says that she was just trying to make sure that Samaria was well-informed of her choices because once you have a baby you cannot go back and undo it.

Tommie was a young mother herself, and spoke of the hardships of having a child young. “I was hurt. I was disappointed,” she said, adding that she just wanted Samaria to enjoy her teenage years without having to go through the hardships of motherhood. She said she just wants her daughter to complete her education.

Samaria hopped on Instagram again to tear into her mother.

 “You wouldn’t know where I was living or what’s going on with me cause we don’t speak…,” she said. “I’m in my rightful grade and currently about to start school at home! I know you ain’t never have enough money to pay or have me or Havalli so how did you do it ??”

She continued, “Exactly ain’t nobody stupid that’s what Medicaid for! You doing all of this but not once spoke on what happened in LA.”