Tommie From Love & Hip Hop Unveils Giant New 55 Inch Butt!! (Warning - GRAPHIC)


Tommie Lee is by far one of the most memorable personalities in Love & Hip Hop franchise history. Her outrageous behavior on camera made her both a break out star and one of the franchise's most popular characters.

And now her new body is just as outrageous as her personality. MTO News has learned that Tommie Lee recently underwent butt augmentation surgery and the results are nothing short of amazing.

According to online reports, Tommie added a significant amount of mass to her butt and now it reportedly measures around 55 inches!

To get an idea of how big of a change that is, this is what Tommie's body used to look like:

And this is her now:

Tommie will not be returning to the Love & Hip Hop franchise this season however (the show's ninth). This will not likely be a surprise to fans, as she was not on the eighth season of the show.

Tommie, whose real name is Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson, was a main cast member on the sixth and seventh seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Before that, she was a supporting cast member in its fifth season.

Most of her storylines surrounded Tommie's romance with Scrapp DeLeon and her feud with Joseline Hernandez.