BREAKING: Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Got BEAT UP . . . And Here's The Girl . .  That STOMPED HER OUT!!!

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Last night Tommie from Love And Hip Hop was brutally beaten inside an Oakland recording studio - by a local rapper named Akbar.

According to the STREETS, MTO News learned that Tommie and Akbar (who works with Young Thug) were both recording in neighboring booths. Tommie walked into the room where Akbar was recording and started talking SPICY to the recording engineer.

Akbar - who is a certified G in the Oakland streets and weights 230 pounds  - then put HANDS and FEET on Tommie. We're told that Tommy managed to leave without serious injury. But an MTO News insider told us, "Tommie left a lot of her BLOOD and WEAVE in that studio when she left."

This comes just hours after the newest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. On the show, viewers were horrified when Tommie's own mother referred to her as "ugly."

"Tommie's mama calling her ugly and a b*tch is probably 80% of the reason that she is the way she is. That verbal abuse will f*ck you up for life. #LHHATL" on follower said.

"Tommie mom really called her ugly, well ma’am ain’t that your daughter #LHHATL" another viewer of the show tweeted out.

It hasn't been a good week for Tommie, but Akbar posting about the assault is basically snitching on herself. She shouldn't be surprised if the Feds come knocking!