Tommie From Love And Hip Hop . . . Claims To Have 'GAY TAPE' . . . With 'DOWNLOW' Cast Member!!

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Tommie from Love And Hip Hop is known for bringing DRAMA to the show - well she's done it again.

According to online reports, Tommie Lee is making some AMAZING and SCANDALOUS accusations - against one of her co-stars. Tommie has been spreading the rumor that PRINCE from Love And Hip Hop Miami and Bobby Lyles are allegedly a gay couple.

And there's more. Tommie is telling folks that she has a video of the two men kissing.


Prince, a nightlife guru in Miami, works for marketing group Varsity LG and is in the business of filling tables at clubs all over South Beach. Prince has model good looks and a unique fashion sense, so “Love & Hip Hop Miami” portrays him as “the king of nightlife,” surrounded by a harem of beautiful women, hooking up visiting celebrities with unforgettable nights and making power moves in general.

He and Bobby have already denied being gay:

And this is Prince's official response to Tommie's rumor spreading:


Earlier this month MTO reported that Tommie ALSO got jumped and stomped out. It seems as if she can't stay out of trouble.

According to the STREETS, MTO News learned that Tommie and Akbar (who works with Young Thug) were both recording in neighboring booths. Tommie walked into the room where Akbar was recording and started talking SPICY to the recording engineer.

Akbar - who is a certified G in the Oakland streets and weights 230 pounds - then put HANDS and FEET on Tommie. We're told that Tommy managed to leave without serious injury. But an MTO News insider told us, "Tommie left a lot of her BLOOD and WEAVE in that studio when she left."