Tommie FIRED From Love And Hip Hop  . . . For Threatening To 'SHOOT' Show Staffer!! (Video)

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Tommie was let go from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - and it was revealed on last night's episode. MTO News first broke the news that Tommie was fired months ago.

But now the DETAILS surrounding Tommie's firing have come to light.

In addition to Tommie's DRUNKENNESS, she also appears to have threatened DEATH to her makeup artist on the show. Tommie got upset that the artist did her "enemy's" makeup - and started fighting with the girl. The makeup artist did three different cast members makeup.

Because Tommie was DRUNK, she took things way too far. Tommie told the girl that she "knows where she lives" and that she plans on "going to jail." And her threats got even worse. She allegedly said she would "shoot" the girl.

Here's Tommie acting CRAZY:

We hope that this outburst of anger was BEFORE Tommie was pregnant. MTO news was the first to report that the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star was KNOCKED UP by rapper Blac Youngsta. According to the streets Tommie gave him a baby in exchange for a "hit song." 

Our report read that, the two have reportedly been seeing each other off and on for the past few months. According to one of Tommie's girls, "They met in the studio. They worked on a couple of songs together and had chemistry."

Well it appears that the relationship has bore fruit literally. According to one person in the know, Tommie is currently PREGNANT. Tells the insider, "She was in Miami all week, and didn't have one sip of alcohol and no weed. She has to be pregnant."