Tomi Lahren Compares Social Distancing Orders To 'Willful Slavery'

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Conservative loudmouth Tomi Lahren, hopped on Twitter to compare the country's stay-at-home orders to "willful slavery" -- before she quickly deleted the tweet.

"Compliance starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery #ReopenAmerica," Lahren tweeted.

The Fox News contributor has been very vocal about the social distancing laws.

"The supply chains are weakening, Americans are losing everything & elected officials are giving vague answers as to when it will end. The point was to flatten the curve but here we are waiting and holding our breath hoping the gov will allow us to earn a living for our families," she also tweeted.

"The point was to flatten the curve, not eradicate the virus. It may take a year or more to kill the virus but the economy and livelihoods of millions are about to be destroyed entirely. Enough. #ReopenAmerica," she added, without mentioning the tens of thousands of people who have succumbed to the deadly virus.