TOLD YOU SO!!! Stevie J Just CONFIRMED . . . That He And R&B Singer Faith Evans . . . ARE A COUPLE!!!

Faith_Stevie exclusively confirmed that Stevie J and Faith Evans are a couple. We reported a few months back that the two were working on "music" together in the studio, and that rumors were surfacing that they were messing around.

At the time, Stevie was in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez, so he denied it.

But now that he and Joseline are over - Stevie's being OPEN about it. Stevie posted a pic of Faith sitting on his lap last night.

If you recall, Stevie has been there for Faith since day one. He was the one who loaned her a bunch of cash to buy a home when she didn't have a dollar to her name. These two may actually be the REAL THING.