Tokyo Jetz: I Have Coronavirus!!

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Rapper Tokyo Jetz has revealed that she has tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend.

"So I cooked crabs yesterday and all morning I was like 'they been sitting they finna be so good' home and can't even taste sh*t!!!!" she tweeted.

"I can taste stuff at the back of my throat but not on my tongue. All day I been like 'y'all don't smell that bleach'.... when in reality no one does and I can't smell anything...Luckily we broke my fever under 100 but it was 101.3...Mind you...the n*gga who did my test said 'oh u sick fa sho..u don't need a test,'" she continued.

A few weeks back, the rapper was canceled by Twitter after making an inappropriate joke about George Floyd.

In the now-viral clip, Jetz is seen playing around with a friend who she places in a headlock and warns "I' ma go George Floyd your mothaf*ckin' ass."