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TOGETHER AGAIN!!! Vince And Tamar Spent VALENTINE'S DAY TOGETHER . . . And Spotted 'MAKING OUT' In Public!! (PICS)


Tamar Braxton and Vince are TOGETHER AGAIN – confirmed.
The couple attended the Black Panther premiere at the Pan African Black Film Festival – and they brought son, Logan. was IN THE BUILDING – and we saw the two KISSING. Unfortunately, the hosts took everyone’s phones.

Tamar is still denying that she is getting back with Vince and so is her camp.

According to Hollywood Life, a source told them the following information: “Tamar [Braxton]‘s family is anxious that she’s taken Vincent [Herbert] back again. This cycle had happened several times already that it’s almost expected but that doesn’t make it less devastating. Tamar is insisting that she’s not back with him but her actions tell a different story. Her mom is beside herself with fear and worries over her daughter and her grandson. Toni is begging her to make a real break and put some honest to God distance between them. It’s terrifying she’s back in this toxic situation.”

Well, from what we saw, Tamar and Vince are definitely trying to reconcile. If the rumors surrounding their separation were true, Vince was not only emotionally but physically violent to Tamar. He was controlling, and he cheated on her with somebody she knew. That's a whole lot to forgive!

And Vince's ego is way bigger than his now deflated stomach. How long will it before he's out on the prowl again? He does not value what Tamar brings to the table enough.

Would you be here for a Tamar Braxton and Vince Hebert reunion?