In Today's F*CKBOI News . .. R&B Singer Omarion Just Released A DISS SONG . . . Aimed At His Babys Mother APRYL!! (Details . . . Plus Her RESPONSE)


We all knew that Love And Hip Hop's Omarion was a F*CK BOI - but we ain't know just how much of one that he was. Omarion just released a DISS TRACK against his babys mother Apryl.

Here are the lyrics:

I've been only single four months
I'm just tryna get my swag back
Probably try to catch a few kids
It's like I never let um ride back
Torn apart, catch me, I'm on the run
Told my BM she can have that
Put that on my daughter and my son
Every night I'm having flashbacks
So it's probably wise that

So it's probably wise that you know that I'm on
You don't cross the line
Fuck your glass of wine
It's whatever, whatever

And here's Apryl's response: