Mayra Rosales used to weigh 1040 pounds, and was the heaviest woman in the world. She gained notoriety in March 2008 when she confessed to killing her two-year-old nephew, by falling on him.

Mayra initially took responsibility for her nephew's death, claiming that she had fallen and accidentally crushed him when her right hand slipped, while trying to pick the child up. However, medical staff soon established that 2 year old Eliseo died from massive blunt force trauma. 

At her trial for capital murder, Mayra revealed that she had made up her story to protect her sister, whom Mayra accused of both neglecting and regularly physically abusing Eliseo. 

But when Mayra finally revealed the truth, her sister Jamie Lee Rosales fled the country. A private investigator contracted by the TLC Network created a documentary about Mayra's case. He tracked Jaime Lee down to Veracruz, Mexico and filmed her as she returned to Texas after 2 1/2 years of being on the run.

Jamie was sentenced to 15 years in prison for causing Eliseo's death. 

So what is going on with Mayra Rosales now?? Well she lost a bunch of weight - 800 pounds to be exact. Mayra underwent gastric bypass surgery - and now weighs 160 pounds.