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TLC's Chilli claims that she had canceled R. Kelly years before the "Surviving R. Kelly" series aired.

Speaking to TMZ, Chilli said:

“It didn’t take me to see a documentary to know the truth. He was canceled years ago in my book, after marrying a 15-year-old child. And then on top of that, I saw the tape at the studio with a whole bunch of other people, and I was just like, ‘He’s going to jail.’ I saw it, I was like, ‘He’s going to jail.’ And then when I heard he was denied I was like ‘What!’ How can you deny that? That’s just like me saying, ‘Oh that’s not me on that swing in the ‘No Scrubs’ video—it’s not me.’ I mean come on."

She added:

“When you’re young, that frontal lobe hasn’t closed up yet so your reasoning and all that kind of stuff is not there, it’s not developed. But the person that’s older than you should know better. She was a kid—I don’t care how they acting or whatever. Even the people are like, ‘Oh it’s the parents, it’s the parents.’ Them as well, it’s not just one person, but it’s definitely the monsters for sure.”

Many celebs have come out (and later been dragged) for speaking out in support of Kelly, but Chilli is not one of them. 

Watch the clip below.