A cast member of TLC’s show Unexpected has just been arrested and charged with murder. He's also facing life in prison, if convicted.

TLC's Unexpected is a reality series that follows three teenage pregnancies and the effect it has on their families as everyone prepares for the arrival of the babies. One of the couples on the show is Anthony and Rilah. Anthony's mother Andrea is also featured on the show, along with her boyfriend Markos.

Well, Markos Asmat, the boyfriend of Anthony's mother Andrea, was arrested on August 26 and charged with first-degree murder. 

Florida police say that Markos was involved in a home invasion back in January, where 20-year-old Alexander Correa was shot and killed.

Prosecutors also say that Markos did not actually "participate" in the home invasion, but that he "planned" and "organized it." Five suspects were arrested in connection with the home invasion months ago - and one of the suspects snitched on Markos.

Prosecutors revealed in-court documents, stating “During legal proceedings it became known there was a sixth unidentified accomplice. This person became known as Markos, and identified as the person who planned, organized, and directed the armed burglary.”

There were four adults and two children in the house when the suspects entered. Multiple witnesses have told investigators that Markos knew Kevin, the man who lived at the house, and that Markos believed the residence had “vast amounts of cash and marijuana concealed within it.” But as we know, Markos did not act alone. He recruited a friend, who brought on his roommate and three additional accomplices to carry out the crime.