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Actress Tisha Campbell is speaking out openly, about being raped when she was a child. The actress claims that when she was just 3 years old, a male babysitter raped her.

This comes from a video clip from Tisha's recent Unsung on TV One which has been going viral on Facebook.

In the video, Tisha goes into graphic details about the monster and how he attempted to rape, and then eventually sodomize her.

Tisha explained, "When that happens to a child, it never ever goes away."

She continued, "The next morning I was limping, and I remember my dad saying 'why are you limping like that.'"

Tisha claims that she told her father that she was raped by the babysitter, but neither he nor her mother did anything about it. The babysitter eventually got away with it - with no consequences.

As a result, Tisha says that she grew up thinking that nothing really happens to people that do bad things.