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TI's wife Tampa "Tiny" Harris is a grown woman - who can wear any outfit that she pleases. But yesterday she chose to wear a very revealing outfit to an event with her two sons in tow - and some on social media are criticizing her over it.

Tiny attended an event for her husband's new music and the couple brought their two eldest sons - Domani, 18, and Messiah, 19.

And Tiny's outfit was completely see through on the top. You could literally see her breasts. Here are pics from the event:


Tiny is a singer-songwriter from Jonesboro, Georgia. She rose to fame in the 1990s as a member of the American multi-platinum R&B vocal group Xscape. While with the group, Tiny received a Grammy Award for her writing contributions on the TLC hit "No Scrubs". 

Tameka acquired the nickname "Tiny" due to her small stature - she's only 4'11" tall.