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Rapper Clifford "TI" Harris and his wife Tameka are one of the most famous celebrity couples in hip hop. Yesterday Tiny, a singer/songwriter/reality star, went on the Instagram page of one of TI's alleged side chicks - to criticize the woman's appearance.

TI was rumored to have carried on a long term side chick relationship with the beautiful Instagram model. 

An Tiny clearly believes the rumors, because she and some of her friends crept onto the woman's page yesterday, and started firing shots at her new hairstyle. 

The beautiful 45 year old and alleged side chick, Bernice Burgos, was showing off her new look - a blonde braided wig.

Here's Tiny and her cousin Mikayla, throwing shade at Bernice. They're making fun of her for wearing a braided wig:


In addition to TI (allegedly), Bernice has dated her fair share of rich and powerful men. She's been linked to dozens of NBA and NFL stars, and some A-list rappers too.

Her latest relationship was with female rapper Young MA.