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TI's wife Tiny is making news, she recently gave an interview where she praised Cardi B - for dumping her cheating husband. This is surprising, because Tiny's been married to a cheating husband now for almost 10 years. And husband TI doesn't seem to be slowing down his cheating.

According to an online mag, Tiny "feels horrible for Cardi, but admires her strength to break up with Offset with all the cheating rumors coming out. Tiny can relate to everything Cardi is going through, because Tiny’s been through so much of the same challenges with T.I."

The same source went on to tell the outlet that "Tiny is proud of Cardi for standing up and making the difficult choice to leave her man, especially when they have a young family and baby. But as inspired and proud as Tiny feels for Cardi, Tiny hopes things never get so bad that she will have to go through with her own divorce with T.I."

But some people are calling Tiny a "hypocrite' for supporting Cardi, while her own husband has been doing shenanigans for years.

T.I. has been involved in multiple cheating scandals and while he and Tiny were close to divorcing once because of his ways, in the end, Tiny gave him at least a DOZEN chances.