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Hip Hop mogul Clifford "TI" Harris' 15 year old son King Harris got into a brutal fist fight at school yesterday, and MTO News located the video of the shocking fight.

Here is a link to the video:


According to social media chatter, a teenage boy was attempting to bully the 15 year old King. But King, like his father, wasn't about to get bullied.

The two boys decided to hash out their differences - by fighting. They scheduled a time to meet inside the boys bathroom at their elite private high school, and had a one on one fight.

And despite being smaller than his rival, TI and Tiny's son King held up well.

In the video, you see King punching the alleged bully repeatedly in the face. And while King is hit back, he doesn't allow his rival to slow him down.

At one point TI's son had his opponent pinned, and he landed multiple elbows to his rib cage.

We're told that neither boy was injured during the altercation, and that school officials are looking into punishing the boys for fighting.



T.I. and Tiny have had three kids since they started dating in 2001. Their son Clifford Joseph Harris III was born on August 25, 2004, followed by Major Philant Harris on May 16, 2008 and Heiress Diana Harris on March 26, 2016.

During an interview with XXL, T.I. talked about fatherhood and how being honest with his kids is the best form of parenting. “Just give them the game. I think that’s what is really important; just give them the game, the game necessary to navigate yourself through life,” he said. “I try not to get caught in, ‘Okay, this is my child.’ I try to speak to them like I’m talking to just a partner of mine. I try to just give them real talk. I think that’s way more effective than trying to censor the conversation all the time.”