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TI's Daughter Zonnique: I'm Not Pregnant!!

Zonnique, the daughter of rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris has once again shot down rumors that she is pregnant.

Zonnique addressed the rumors during a recent Instagram Live session.

"Why the f*ck do y'all keep asking if I'm pregnant? I keep telling y'all, leave me alone. And if y'all didn't see me say that no where, why the f*ck would I get on live and be like, 'Yes!' Worry about yourself. Y'all know people don't know me in real life," she says.

She continued, "And when I am pregnant, you know what I'mma do? I'mma do somethin' special for y'all. I wanna be like, turned up. I wanna be on my Nicki Minaj sh*t. Not on no f*ckin' live answering to y'all like I got to. Last time I was on Live, I told y'all mind the business that pay y'all. Y'all didn't learn nothin'! That's why Corona is still out there. Just chill. My time will come."