TI'S Daughter Zonnique Baby Daddy Disrespects Her On LIVE!! (Video)

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Rapper TI's daughter Zonnique announced last month that she's pregnant, with rapper Bandhunta Izzy's baby. Zonnique and Izzy have been dating for two years, and TI's daughter is five months along.

Well now, MTO News obtained video showing Izzy appearing to disrespect the pregnant Zonnique on social media. And many of the 24-year-old Atlanta singer's fans are upset with the way she's being treated - especially while she's pregnant.


In one video, Izzy is making fun of his soon-to-be baby's mama. He claims that Zonnique has a "big head" and says that he doesn't want their child to inherit her head. Zonnique seems upset as he jokes about her head.

Then he posted another video with Zonnique looking sad.

So far, Zonnique's father TI has not commented on the videos that Izzy is posting on social media.

This will be Zonnique's first child and the third for her gangster rapper boyfriend. Rapper Izzy has two children already from two previous relationships.

A few days ago, HotNewHipHop reported that "It's assumed that most of the time, rapper Bandhunta Izzy and his pregnant girlfriend Zonnique Pullins are happily in love. However, it looked as if she was a tad bit irked judging by the videos he recently shared to his Instagram Story. After being together for two years, it's safe to say that Bandhunta knows how to get under Zonnique's skin. The soon-to-be mother, who's expected to deliver her firstborn in October, looked as if she wasn't in the mood for his jokes."