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TI's Daughter Reveals Pregnancy On LIVE TV; TI Looks Furious!!

MTO News broke the story last week, that rapper TI's daughter Zonnique was pregnant. Well yesterday, Zonnique told her father about her pregnancy - on a LIVE TV show on Fox Soul.

Zonnique's new baby's father is a struggling rapper, who already has two other children from two different women.

Both Zonnique and TI were on a panel, and Zonnique dropped the news on her father at that time.

At first, TI refused to believe what Zonnique was saying, and was visibly upset.

Zonnique realized that her father wasn't taking the news well, and tried to steer the rest of the panel to a different topic.

But the interview hosts continued to press TI on his feelings towards his 24-year-old daughter's pregnancy. And TI continued to get more and more upset.

The rapper nearly blew up, when they started referring to him as a "grandpa."

TI told one of the hosts, "You better stop saying that, I'm not no grandpa, and never will be. I'm still pops."

Eventually, TI's wife Tiny came on a video android her to calm her man down.