TI's Daughter Forced To Remove ONE Of Her BLUE Eyes . . . Now Has MISMATCHED EYES!!

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TI and Tiny's daughter Zonnique's eye color surgery was BOTCHED. The young beauty went to Africa to have her eye color changed from Brown to Blue two years ago. Zonnique recently had one of the eye implants removed in what people are calling a "medical emergency."

Zonnique had the controversial surgery - where doctors place a blue eye implant inside your eyeball - and it changes the eye color. The surgery is VERY controversial, and illegal in the United States because of it's HIGH chance of complications.

And Zonnique - unfortunately - had a complication in her right eye. MTO News has learned that in June, Zonnique had a doctor remove her right eye implant. Now her eyes are two different colors.

Here is a pic:


Zonnique got the procedure done back in 2015. . . She said, “I did actually change my eye color as well, I just didn’t say anything about it… not at the same time [as her mom’s eye color change surgery] – not that long after her,” Zonnique says in an interview with Juicy Magazine.

The former brown-eyed beauty was the owner of two grayish blue eyes thanks to the same iris implant surgery her mother received back in October 2014.

She said, “I was so into it, and I’m like doing all my research, and she’s [Tiny] like, ‘Zo, you do not need it.’ But I went with her to take care of her while she got hers done,” Pullins said. “And I was like, ’Yeah, I would like to do this.'”

One fan asked, “Omggg girlll What happed to you contacts?” While another person speculated that Pullins could only get surgery done on “one” eye at a time.