TI's Alleged SIDE CHICK Gave Him Back To Tiny . . . Claims They Are NOT TOGETHER!!!

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Tiny and TI's marriage just got a whole lot stronger today. The woman many suspect was TI's side chick - officially gave him back to Tiny.

Ever since images of TI and actress Asia'h Pearson backstage at his concert went viral - folks started rumors that she was TI's secret side chick. And there was a lot of evidence supporting the rumors. TI and Asia'h were seen together multiple times over the last couple of weeks.

And Asia'h appeared to be firing subliminal shots at TI's wife Tiny on social media.

Well whether WAS going on between TI and Asia'h - is now over. She talked about being "completely single" on social media. She told fans that she is NOT dating or seeing anyone at the moment.


According to a report from Hollywood Life, Tiny took some DRASTIC measures to ensure that her husband T.I. would get his act together. 

Their report reads:

Tiny is no longer messing around. Just like Khloe Kardashian, 34, has admitted to doing with Tristan Thompson, Tiny Harris, 43, is insisting on knowing every detail of her beau T.I.‘s social life. “Tiny has laid down some rules for T.I. to try and build back some trust and that includes having access to all his phones and social media accounts. She’s taking a page out of Khloe Kardashian’s book and demanding full transparency. It goes both ways though, T.I. has all her pass codes too. Trust me he has his questions about her loyalty as well so they are both checking up on each other now,” a friend of Tiny’s tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY!