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Rapper TI posted an innocuous photo on Instagram, and his wife used it as an opportunity announce to the world - that her husband is packing.

It all started this morning, when TI posted the below image on Instagram.

Here's the image:

Shortly after the pic was posted, TI's wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris jumped in the comments to point out her husband's private parts.

Here's what she posted:


Tiny and T.I. recently celebrated Father's Day and reports say that:

“Tiny feels that T.I. should be able to hang out, have his favorite soul food meals and just be together and with family and not worry about work or anything else. It should just be a day of fun and filled with as many smiles as possible,” a source close to Tiny tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Tiny wants to turn back the clock a little bit for T.I. on Father’s Day and get back to the basics and show him how important he is to her and just spend the day being in love and having a good day. Make it as relaxing and fun as possible. Zero drama is what the weekend will be for T.I.,” our insider continues.

In addition to being the wife of rapper Clifford "TI" Harris, Tiny is a singer-songwriter originally from Jonesboro, Georgia. 

Tony first rose to fame in the 1990s as a member of the American multi-platinum R&B vocal group Xscape. 

She received a Grammy Award for her writing contributions on the TLC hit "No Scrubs". Tameka got the nickname "Tiny" due to her small stature of 4'11".