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Tiny: My Marriage With Husband TI Is Officially CLOSED . . . I'm The 1 And ONLY!!!


TI and Tiny have long been rumored to have had an open marriage - where they were allowed to bring OTHERS into their bedroom. Well that's officially over. 

Tiny sent a very CLEAR AND OPEN message to all the THOTS and STRIPPERS in Atlanta and Los Angeles - that her marriage is officially CLOSED.

Tiny sent the message as part of a birthday post to her husband. In addition to lavishing praises on TI - calling him her "personal sex symbol" - she also told the world that she is now the "one and only".

People on social media are commenting about Tiny's new change of position. They are mostly congratulating her - for making her marriage a lot more "traditional."


Reports say that, "T.I. and Tiny’s relationship is clearly in a very good place, which certainly was not the case just a few months ago. In June, T.I. posted a shocking message on Instagram that suggested that men aren’t meant to be married. Tiny made it clear that she was NOT happy with his viewpoint, and fired back by insinuating that a REAL man knows how to treat his “queen.”

Then, T.I. was caught slapping another woman, Asia’h Epperson’s, butt in a wild video. There was tension between the two for a few weeks, but as summer went on, they were able to put the drama behind them. This is far from the first time there’s been a kink in this relationship — Tiny even filed for divorce in 2016 — but clearly they’re back on track for now!