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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris is reported to be scared that her husband T.I. will cheat on her again.

“Tiny always has this nagging doubt deep down that T.I is going to cheat on her again some day, and there’s really nothing he can do or say to make her believe otherwise,” a source close to Tiny told HollywoodLife. 

“That’s just always been the way between the two of them, they’ve always had this jealous streak, and it’s probably part of the reason why they have such a crazy good sex life, as twisted as it may sound. They’re both always trying to make sure that they’re the best in bed, that they’re the wildest and freakiest, and that the other person doesn’t go off somewhere else looking for sex—it isn’t the healthiest of relationship dynamics, but it works somehow for them.”

T.I. hasn't always been discreet when it comes to cheating on his wife. At one point he publicly claimed Bernice Burgos, who openly went on to mock Tiny on social media.

The source revealed the lengths Tiny is going to, to make sure she isn't left looking a fool again.

“Tiny is always trying to snoop on Tip’s phone and computer, and check out what he’s looking at on Instagram, and she won’t be happy that he’s been liking Bernice [Burgos]s’ photos, as she can’t stand that woman,” the source continued. “To say Tiny loathes Bernice would be an understatement, it drives her crazy that Tip still looks at her pictures, Tiny thinks she’s pure trash, and she can’t even bear to hear her name spoken."

The Atlanta couple are currently starring in their show, Friends & Family Hustle. 

We hope T.I. doesn't cheat again. Why work so hard to get her back only to repeat the same mistakes time and time again?