Tiny Harris found herself at the center of the beef between her husband, T.I. and rapper Kodak Black - when Kodak called her ugly and "piggy."

During a sitdown on Yung Joc's morning show 'Streetz Morning Takeover,' Tiny weighed in about the feud and Kodak's remarks about her appearance.

"Yeah, I thought that was pretty disrespectful. Tip is one of those people he's not a person to be disrespected. And then you are going in and talking about kids, and it's just too much," she told Joc.

"God works in mysterious ways. He separated them, so it can't go no further nobody loses their lives, and nothing happens," Tiny continued. "Everybody is still living and breathing, and everybody is doing good."

T.I. was out of the country on vacation with his family for the majority of the beef before Kodak was locked up - twice.

Tiny admitted that she tries to stay out of T.I.'s arguments:

"He has to feel like he needs to step in but that's what he does," Tiny added. "I just sit back and let him handled it. I don't get in the middle of it. I don't really listen to half of the stuff that's going on, and I just let him do what he doing because he's running it and I'm just going to fall back because I know he's got me."