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Tiny Harris sat down for an interview, where she opened up about taking husband T.I. back after he cheated on her.

Speaking to Chicago radio station WGCI, she addressed the critics who have called her out for reconciling with her husband:

"I don't really pay that no attention. Most of those women that are talking about 'Oh you stayed with him after that…' They're still with a man that's cheating probably every day and living probably the worst life," she said.

According to Tiny, infidelity is all a part of the entertainment industry:

"You know, I am okay. It's not like 'I'm okay with you cheating.' But I know that in this industry it's going to be tough to keep it all the way together. So you know, I feel like if it's workable, if there's still some love there, if we feel like this is what we wanna do, this is what we should do."

Watch the clip below.