Tiny Attends Party And Confronts Her Husband TI's Number 1 SIDE CHICK!!


Rapper TI is known for many things. He is known for his music, his acting skills . . . and for cheating on wife Tiny! Last night, MTO News learned that Tiny came face to face with one of TI's alleged main side chicks Bernice Burgos.

What is the "main" side chick you ask? It's a side chick that has been around long enough to gain a certain status with her married bae.

According to reports, Bernice and TI had a fling during his separation from his wife. It's not clear though if they continued their relationship after the couple reconciled.

Nonetheless Tiny and Bernice have been beefing over it - for years. Listen to The Breakfast Club talk about Tiny and Bernice's beef a few years ago:

Well last night, Tiny and Bernice both attended Lil Baby's girlfriend Jayda's 23rd birthday party in Atlanta and the two women came face to face.

But MTO News has learned that the two women kept it lady-like. They still don't like each other, are too classy to fight in the club or air dirty laundry publicly.