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A man is being charged with tricking and then s*xually assaulting straight men - and he used Tinder to do it.

Duarte Xavier, 33, allegedly posed as a woman on the Tinder dating app and tricked unsuspecting men into having blindfolded sex with him. Duarte has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Police say Duarte used dating websites and apps including Tinder to masquerade as a female named "Ana" and tricked men into meeting him.

To entice the men (who were all straight), Duarte engaged in sultry conversations and sent provocative pictures. He managed to fool at least four victims into agreeing to meet him for sex over the course of more than two years.

Duarte insisted that his victims wear a blindfold in a bid to conceal his identity.

The incidents took place between February 2016 and April 2018.

Upon arrival the first victim was directed to a bedroom, where he found a blindfold and was told to put it on.

He did not suspect something was wrong until the pair began to have sex, at which point he removed the blindfold and flew into a rage upon seeing Duarte was a male.

Another incident happened two years ago, when a 29-year-old man began to message "Ana" on a dating website and set up an evening meeting in a secluded area of London.

The pair had sex and the victim left the venue entirely unaware that "Ana" was actually Xavier - and so he agreed to meet again at the same place a few days later.

But this time he held off putting on the blindfold and caught sight of the real "Ana". He called the police and Duarte was arrested.