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R&B singer Tinashe's career just hit another struggle point.

Last night the singer was performing at an event sponsored by Samsung. And her iPhone fell out of her pocket mid-performance.

It's not clear why Tinashe would bring an iPhone to a Samsung event. It's also not clear why the struggling singer would attempt to do complicated dance moves with the Apple device in her pocket.

Needless to say, the sponsors at Samsung are very upset with Tinashe over this.

Here's the video:

Tinashe was recently dropped by her RCA/Sony Music record label label.

In November, Tinashe alluded to her split with RCA by posting a screenshot of a “404 Not Found” error message that displays when you try to access her artist page on 

Fans noticed that the “2 On” singer has been removed from the label’s website three months ago, promoting Tinashe to come out with an official statement. 

The 25-year-old released three projects on the label including her 2014 debut Aquarius and last year’s Joyride, as well as her 2016 mixtape Nightride. All of her projects were considered commercial flops.