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Tinashe Sued For Copyright Infringement

Pop singer Tinashe is being dragged to court after she allegedly stole music from an Australian producer.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, he was in contact with Tinashe collaborator MakJ regarding, "putting together some musical tracks and recordings" for future recording sessions with Tinashe. He sent over his "own original musical tracks and recordings" via DropBox and was told that he would be compensated and receive credit if his work was ever used.

He claims that his work was used for her single, "Save Room For Us," but he did not receive the credit he deserved for the work.

The suit claims, "The Infringing Song, due to the acts of Defendants, copies, reproduces, and duplicates key structural elements, themes, and motifs of the Original Work, which serve as the backbone of the Infringing Song's structure and motif."

He now wants a judge to prevent the singer from selling the track and is asking for damages.