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R&B singers Tinashe and Mario were spotted out on a date last night, and now rumors are swirling that the two are romantically involved.

Tinashe and Mario both star in the upcoming LIVE TV performance of the broadway hit play RENT - so the dinner could have been just business.

But they chose to go to dinner at Craig's in Los Angeles. Craig's is known to be SWARMING with paparazzi, and the only reason that celebs go there is to be photographed.

The pair clearly wanted people to see them together on their dinner date. And they must have known that people would speculate that their "date" was romantic.

What isn't clear is whether their "date" was just a publicity stunt - or whether the two are really romancing each other.

We have to say - Mario, 32, and Tinashe, 25, make a really cute couple together - don't you think??


In other Tinashe news, the singer recently made comments about the current R. Kelly controversy.

HotNewHipHop reported that:

Conversations stemming from Surviving R. Kelly continue to unfold and many public figures are being asked to speak on the issue. Tinashe recently offered her opinion, describing the series as "tragic, sickening, disgusting... hard to watch." The singer reduced her insights to the length of time it took for these allegations to gain the public's concern: "It's annoying...beyond annoying, infuriating that it would take this long for people to get upset about it because, to me, it seems like we've kind of known about these facts for quite a while."

Her short statement addresses her perception of sexual misconduct being a prevalent issue “behind the scenes in different industries” beyond the scandal the public is currently focusing on. “It’s important that we keep holding people accountable,” she added. Fantasia also spoke on the issue. “I’m a mom and I’ve had the chance to work with him,” she said. “I’m praying for him and I’m hoping that some things change.”