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R&B singer Tinashe showed her ASSETS to the paparazzi last night. She was staying at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles - and decided to give the photographers a show.

It all started when she was on her balcony in her underwear, and she noticed that he paparazzi were there taking pics. But instead of running inside, the fledgling R&B star decided to start doing the most.

The incident happened at around 3 am - and Tinashe appeared to be either drunk or high. She is staying at the hotel (as opposed to her home) because she's scheduled to perform at the BET Awards tonight.

Here is the FIRST pic

Here is the SECOND pic

Here is the THIRD pic

Here is the FOURTH pic

Tinashe has been making the rounds with eligible NBA bachelors, since baller Ben Simmons DUMPED her for reality star Kendall Jenner. . . . 

According to TMZ, a few weeks ago, cameras spotted Tinashe hanging out with NBA star Donovan Mitchell.

We spotted Tinashe — looking insanely hot, BTW — leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night and making her way to Warwick … the same Hollywood club where Ben Simmons’ rookie rival, Donovan Mitchell, was partying. Our photog insists he saw Tinashe talking with Mitchell at Warwick … but when we talked to the singer on the way out, she laughed at the insinuation she was shooting her shot. (TMZ)

Things have been sort of tragic for Tinashe. . . her brother had to jump to her defense on social media, posting the following tweet: