Timbaland & Swizz Beats: You Cannot Do VERZUZ Unless You Use The Tech That We're Sending You!!


Swizz Beats and Timbaland have had it with the sound issues during their VERZUZ battle -- and following Monday's 112 VERZUZ Jagged Edge, they have announced that battles will now only take place using their own technology.

"You can tell who's using the set-up and who's not using the set-up. It's only a couple of plugs that will change your life. So 112 was using it, and I don't think Jagged Edge was using it." Timbaland says. "Which threw off the frequency of the whole thing, if one uses it and one doesn't, it's all messed up."

"We're going to make that a forcible rule," Swizz chimed in, "You cannot do VERZUZ unless you use the technology that we're sending you, cause we're sending it to you for a reason."

Teddy Riley VERZUZ Babyface also had to be delayed due to horrible acoustic issues and the numbers during the recent r&b battle started to decline following Jagged Edge's awful sound problems.