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TikTok Prank GONE WRONG: Chicago Teens Shoot Paintball Gun, Goons Shoot BACK!!

A 16 year old boy is in stable condition after he was reportedly hit with gunfire, while doing a TikTok prank in Chicago, MTO News has learned

Paintball Gun Tiktok Prank Goes wrong

According to multiple reports, a group of teen boys decided to try a new "TikTok Challenge", where they would prank unsuspecting Chicagoans - by shooting them with a paintball gun.

The teens decided to pull the prank in a high crime area of the city, where the people "pranked" would mistake the paintball gunfire - for real gunfire.

That was a big mistake. MTO News confirmed that in the midst of the prank, a person pulled a real gun out, and shot at the teens - hitting one of the young men.

Here's the video, showing the teens driving by bus stops in inner city Chicago, and shooting unsuspecting people with a paintball gun:

MTO News confirmed that the teen was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

Here's confirmation: